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Are there any pre-requisites for your programs?

There are no pre-requisites for LinguaTec's programs. All of the programs, however, have been developed for professionals who are already fluent English speakers but who need to improve their skills in certain targeted areas.

What's the difference between Accent Improvement and Intensive Pronunciation?

The general content areas of these two programs are the same: sound production, word stress, and American rhythm and intonation patterns. Accent Improvement, as an 8- or 12-week course, provides more detail and extensive practice in these areas. It also allows time for you to practice and assimilate the content between sessions.

Intensive Pronunciation, offered as a 2-day workshop, focuses on those aspects of American pronunciation that are most critical for clear communication. The practice component is designed to give you tools to continue your development after the workshop is over.

What's the difference between Say What You Mean and Communicating Clearly and Assertively?

Say What You Mean helps you to structure your speech so that it conveys what you are thinking and makes your message easy for listeners to process. It also gives you specific strategies and phrases to use in the following areas: expressing ideas, exchanging ideas, disagreeing, giving feedback, and talking about accomplishments.

Communicating Clearly and Assertively develops two distinct skill areas. The first is how to speak clearly and concisely when you need to organize your key points quickly. The second is how to balance assertive and responsive communication; in other words, how to accomplish what you want while maintaining positive working relationships with others.

How long is a coaching program?

Coaching programs vary in length since people have different needs, objectives, and learning styles. That's why we generally schedule an assessment meeting before we make a proposal for coaching. The proposal gives you our best estimate of the time that will be required. As LinguaTec does not require a program contract, you may interrupt the program at any point or extend the program if you want additional training.

Can I change my current habits after speaking English for 20 years?

While we can't say it's easy to change long-held speech habits, it's certainly possible to improve at any stage. What you need are an open mind, a willingness to try techniques that may be outside your comfort zone, and a commitment to practice.