LinguaTec: Communication Skills for Multicultural Companies  
  About LinguaTec  


Results Orientation

LinguaTec is a company, not a school. We understand the importance of deadlines, budgets, project management and team communication. We provide practical solutions for your training dilemmas. As confirmed by our extensive reference list, participants progress in our training has a positive effect on their productivity at work.

Flexibility and Convenience

LinguaTec can work with your timing requirements and within your systems. We deliver individual and group training programs at our clients' locations and individual programs at our site in Palo Alto, CA.


LinguaTec has served corporations for over 3 decades. Our experienced trainers draw from an extensive pool of resources to design effective training that meets your employees' needs.

Post-Course Follow-up

Participants want to know how they can maintain their progress and continue to improve. LinguaTec offers practical suggestions for self-paced exercises and activities to promote carryover into the workplace.