Gaining Visibility at Work

Visibility is a way of life in the American business environment. It is expected of employees and vital to the flow of information in organizations. Individuals work efficiently and manage their careers effectively by letting other people know about their contributions to the organization. In turn, companies need employees to make other people aware of accomplishments and their impact.

As you move to increase your visibility at work, it may be helpful for you to broaden your focus and to consider the impact of your actions on the group or organization. Linking your accomplishments and solutions to the needs of your coworkers will enable you to frame your contributions appropriately, and in a way that will be comfortable for you.

Here are some visibility techniques you can use:

  • Offer to deliver training in your areas of expertise

  • Give recommendations and solutions in meetings

  • CC your manager when someone thanks or praises you

  • Volunteer to address problems (especially those that impact a large number of people)

You may notice that the techniques listed above can be done in e-mail messages, conversations, and meetings. In this way, gaining visibility is something that is done subtly and on a regular basis.