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Communicating Clearly and Assertively


Express ideas in organized, concise messages. Increase your ability to influence others and build relationships.


  • Get to the point quickly
  • Craft clear, convincing explanations using a simple and effective framework
  • Connect ideas with purposeful transitions so that listeners can follow main points
  • Use both assertive and responsive language for balanced communication
  • Speak about difficult issues with increased confidence and skill



Presentation, brainstorming, discussions, role plays and impromptu speaking exercises, group and pair activities



4 - 12 participants



2-day workshop or four half-day sessions



LinguaTec Communicating Clearly and Assertively training manual


What You Learn

Clear Communication

  • Explore the role of culture in communication
  • Use the "Rule of Three" to organize ideas quickly
  • Get to the point by condensing background information
  • Use a simple and effective framework to initiate discussions about difficult issues
  • Use connectors and language labels to increase the clarity of your message

Assertive and Responsive Communication

  • Assess individual communication style
  • Distinguish assertive, aggressive, responsive, and passive communication styles
  • Use assertive and responsive techniques to make discussions more productive
  • Develop strategies for responding to aggressive, rude, or manipulative behavior



What Others Say

"This course was very good. It helped me get to the main point and state my ideas clearly."
A.T., KLA-Tencor

"Best class I have ever taken in English. Very effective and well organized."
J.Z., Proxim

"It's an exciting course and gave me a lot of knowledge about speaking directly. It was very clear and to-the-point."
Y.X., Proteus