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Customized Coaching

Partnering with a LinguaTec coach enables individual clients identify their communication skills roadblocks and implement targeted strategies to eliminate them. This customized approach fosters rapid progress, more effective performance at work, and less time spent in training. Clients typically start seeing results from the very first session.

Generally, the process begins with a coaching proposal based on a communication skills assessment. The proposal pinpoints the skills that need improvement and outlines specific training objectives to bring those skills up to the desired level of performance. It also includes an estimate of the coaching time required, a suggested schedule, and the program cost.

To address the training objectives, the coach designs a program that incorporates the unique language patterns and workplace interactions of the participant. This input, combined with LingaTec's extensive training resources and the coach's expertise, ensures that every contact session is purposeful and productive. Methods can include structured exercises, analysis of spontaneous speech, audio recording, editing practice, role plays, and presentations.

To find out more about LinguaTec coaching services, call us at 650-320-7635.


What Others Say

"The trainer did an excellent job of identifying the areas that needed improvement and creating personalized sessions to address these areas. She delivered the coaching systematically, resulting in good use of my time."
A. C., Manager, hp


"The initial skills assessment was clear, thorough and precise. The trainer used real work assignments as the basis for the coaching. Not only was the student able to directly apply what he was learning to his work, his manager had immediate, tangible, and more important, useful results from the coaching."
K. S., Human Resources, GT Capital