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Succeeding in the American Business Culture


Expand your understanding of American values to better manage workplace interactions and career decisions.


  • Discover how American business practices reflect mainstream U.S. cultural values
  • Identify cultural influences on communication, behavior, and expectations
  • Develop skills for taking initiative and gaining visibility
  • Assess leadership qualities and develop strategies to succeed in the U.S. corporate environment


Discussion, lecture, and interactive exercises which include case studies, simulations, and many more opportunities for personalized skill building


Up to12 people per class


1-day workshop


LinguaTec American Business Culture training manual

What You Learn

  • Discover the effects of culture on perception and communication
  • Recognize the underlying differences between U.S. mainstream culture and other cultures
  • Identify how key U.S. values affect U.S.corporate culture
  • Learn the positive impact of a "can-do" attitude
  • Identify ways to take initiative and recommend action
  • Develop strategies for gaining visibility
  • Use techniques for initiating and maintaining small talk for networking
  • Define leadership qualities and learn how to demonstrate leadership at work

What Others Say

"The class helped me understand many things about American business culture, even though I've worked here for many years. I recommended to my boss that he send all foreign-born employees to this class." Sr Software Engineer, Westinghouse

"I recommend this course to other foreign-born professionals. It gives you an open window to understanding American business culture and how to become an active player." W. G., Government Reg. Coordinator, James River Corp.

"I liked the workshop because it helped me understand the basic value system of Americans. This has been useful for me at work." S.Y. O., Project Manager, Hewlett-Packard