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Effective E-mail Writing


Maximize the effectiveness of e-mail as a tool for clear communication. Focus on targeting the audience, getting to the point, and developing a professional e-mail style.


  • Determine whether e-mail is the best way to deliver the message
  • Organize ideas and get to the point using a quick and easy model
  • Write clear and concise text
  • Adjust the message content and style for the audience
  • Format information into easy-to-read paragraphs
  • Apply guidelines of e-mail etiquette


Presentation, discussion, and interactive exercises that include work-related writing assignments, error analysis and writing critiques


Up to 12 participants




LinguaTec Effective E-mail Writing training manual

What You Learn


  • Follow an easy model for writing short messages
  • Mind-map ideas quickly for longer messages
  • Connect ideas with effective transitions


  • Learn the dos and doníts of e-mail writing
  • Use the right degree of informality or formality
  • Recognize the difference between informal and careless writing
  • Develop a positive and tactful tone
  • Choose words that are audience-friendly
  • Check your messages for conciseness and clarity

Structure and Grammar

  • Avoid run-on sentences and sentence fragments
  • Troubleshoot grammatical errors
  • Make the best use of punctuation

What Others Say

"The program was one of the best I have attended. It definitely gave me a new perspective on putting firm thoughts and ideas in the form of an effective e-mail." S.M., Informatica