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Individual Accurate Grammar for Speaking and Writing


Learn to speak and write English with greater grammatical accuracy and confidence. Review troublesome grammar rules and complex sentence structure, and learn to monitor your speech and writing for persistent errors.


  • Identify persistent errors that can interfere with communication
  • Develop self-monitoring techniques to catch and correct errors
  • Monitor speech for correct word endings (plurals and verb forms)
  • Become more proficient in applying grammar rules in everyday speech and writing
  • Use appropriate verb tenses and complex sentences to express relationships
  • Improve sentence structure to convey ideas more clearly


Pre and post-course evaluation, lecture, discussion, verbal and written exercises, error analysis




10 hours of private instruction


LinguaTec Accurate Grammar for Speaking and Writing training manual

What You Learn


  • Subject-verb agreement (e.g., he walks)
  • Plurals
  • Past tense endings

Articles (a, an, the)

  • Countable and uncountable nouns (e.g., types is countable; software is uncountable)
  • Rules for deciding when to use articles
  • The generic article

Complex Verb Structures

  • Verb tenses and sequence of tenses
  • Modals (e.g., could go, should have gone)
  • Conditionals (e.g., I would have told him if I'd remembered.)

Complex Sentences

  • Adverbial clauses that indicate relationships between ideas
  • Tense structure and word order of noun clauses
  • Adjective clauses (e.g., The specialist who gave the conference has been working as a consultant.)


  • Prepositions of time and place
  • Two-word verbs (e.g., take over)
  • Phrasal adjectives (e.g., eligible for)


What Others Say

"If you would like to be more confident when writing in English, then this is the class for you." E.L., Silicon Valley Group, Inc.

"I'm more confident in my writing skills and my daily speech thanks to LinguaTec!" E.M., ALZA Corporation