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Idioms at Work


Improve participation in workplace discussions by expanding your understanding and use of American idioms.


  • Recognize idioms in spoken English
  • Discover how sports, gambling, time, and money terms express American business attitudes
  • Use an idiom dictionary to expand the range of expression
  • Incorporate high-frequency idioms into everyday conversation


Written and verbal exercises, role plays, discussion, impromptu speaking activities; review of headlines, ads, and other media.


Up to 12 participants


1-day workshop


LinguaTec Idioms at Work training manual and an idiom dictionary

What You Learn

  • Use dozens of idiomatic expressions typical in the American workplace
  • Discover how idiomatic speech reflects cultural attitudes toward punctuality, meeting deadlines, managing money, taking risks, and playing to win
  • Clarify nuances of meaning by trying out idioms in different contexts
  • Build confidence in using idiomatic expressions by practicing them in realistic dialogues and role plays
  • Gain tips on acquiring more idioms and building general vocabulary over time

What Others Say

"I have increased my confidence not only to understand idioms at work but also to use and practice them more often." M.K., KLA-Tencor

"It is a great class. I really enjoyed it, and I learned things that I can use everyday at work." D.Z., Hewlett-Packard

"This course is the cream of the crop." A.N., Adobe

"This is a very practical class." J.Z., Integration Engineer, Proxim