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LinguaTec delivers the full-range of our Programs for Professionals at companies throughout the Bay Area. Our workshops are delivered anywhere in the U.S.

While we encourage small groups, most of our programs can accommodate up to 12 participants.To ensure the best learning outcomes, we target our training to fit the company culture and respond to specific audiences within the company.



Individual Accent Improvement
This 10-hour program begins with an individual pronunciation assessment. Working with the results of your assessment, the trainer creates a profile of your specific challenges in sound production and speech patterns. This profile enables the trainer to develop a program that meets your objectives through customized instruction, practice, and feedback.

Intensive Pronunciation Workshop
In this 2-day workshop on the American English pronunciation system, participants learn how to manage the most common pronunciation challenges.


Dynamic Presentations
After completing this 1-day workshop participants will be able to use an effective format to organize their ideas and deliver presentations with confidence.


Communicating Clearly and Assertively
Professionals who participate in this 2-day workshop learn to speak more clearly and more concisely. They also develop skills to speak assertively and responsively.

Individual Say What You Mean
An 8-hour individual program in which participants learn to propose solutions, offer opinions, give feedback, and talk about accomplishments while developing word choice and phrasing.


Individual Accurate Grammar for Speaking and Writing
This 10-hour individual program, which includes a pre-assessment, helps participants speak and write with greater grammatical accuracy.

Intensive Written Grammar
In this 2-day workshop, participants strengthen their written command of English grammar and their editing skills.

Clear Business Writing
A 1-day workshop designed to help participants write clear, concise, and well-organized e-mail messages, reports, and technical documentation.

Effective E-mail Writing
Participants in this 4-hour workshop learn to maximize the effectiveness of the email that they write. They develop a direct, concise, audience-friendly style.


"Because of all the LinguaTec training I have received, I communicate with co-workers more effectively, speak more confidently in front of groups, and have greater understanding of the corporate culture."
P.L., hp