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Speaking Persuasively


Acquire techniques and strategies for speaking persuasively to a variety of audiences.


  • Identify the key elements of persuasion
  • Target the message to engage and influence the audience
  • Provide credible, convincing support
  • Project conviction, sincerity and confidence


Presentation, interactive practice including structured exercises, participant presentations followed by group feedback, work-related role plays, and group discussion


4 - 8 participants


1-day workshop


LinguaTec Speaking Persuasively training manual

What You Learn

  • Identify and appeal directly to the audience's needs and perspectives
  • Use experience and research to establish credibility
  • Present ideas clearly and logically
  • Support key points with facts, benefits, and examples
  • Use positive and persuasive language
  • Respond convincingly to questions and objections
  • Use tone of voice and body language to energize the message
  • Tailor techniques to both group and one-on-one situations




What Others Say

"I now know how to prepare for and rehearse a presentation, feeling confident that I will strongly persuade my audience in the correct decision.";
H.N., NASA Ames Research Center