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Dynamic Presentations Workshop


Learn concepts and techniques that will help you deliver well-organized, dynamic presentations.


  • Organize information using an effective and failsafe format
  • Connect with the audience to ensure they get the message
  • Control rate of speech with effective pacing and pausing
  • Energize delivery with movement and gestures
  • Overcome presentation anxiety
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement with video analysis



Videotaped presentations, critiques, discussion, small-group and pair exercises



4 - 6 participants



1-day workshop or two half-day sessions



LinguaTec Dynamic Presentations training manual and a DVD of the participant's presentations


What You Learn


  • Distinguish key elements in informational and persuasive presentations
  • Highlight the relationships between supporting points and the main message
  • Use connecting sentences for a clear, cohesive presentation

Audience Connection

  • Consider audiencesí needs and expectations when preparing content
  • Engage the audience using voice and eye contact
  • Direct your energy and attention through movement and gestures
  • Use pacing and pausing to emphasize key points


  • Analyze performance through video observations and focused feedback
  • Adjust presentation style for the greatest impact
  • Identify areas for ongoing improvement



What Others Say

"I never knew that I could be a dynamic, effective, and confident speaker until taking this course. It brings out my potential and I will keep on practicing the technique I learned here."
S.C., Tellme Networks

"It's a really good course for all engineers."
J.G., KLA-Tencor