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Speaking Under Pressure


Assume greater control of internal and external pressures in challenging speaking situations.


  • Recognize personal patterns which lead to nervousness
  • Acquire strategies for taking control in a variety of pressured speaking situations
  • Develop skills to appear and feel more confident



Videotaped presentations, role plays and critiques, discussion, visualisation and focusing exercises, impromptu speaking exercises



4 - 12 participants



1-day workshop



LinguaTec Speaking Under Pressure training manual


What Participants Learn


  • Identify speaking situations at work that create pressure
  • Become aware of the interplay of body, mind, and emotions in response to pressure
  • Discover what can be controlled in pressured situations and what cannot
  • Set realistic goals for dealing with pressure

Developing Control in Pressure Situations

  • Develop techniques for maintaining concentration and screening out distractions
  • Use eye contact, posture, and gestures to convey confidence
  • Regulate volume, voice quality, speed and pacing

Interacting and Responding

  • Use a three-step technique for conducting question and answer sessions confidently


What Others Say

"Perfect for foreign-born professionals. I've developed self-confidence and more control."
R.Q., Adaptec

"I enjoyed the course immensely. The materials presented to the participants are the most effective and comprehensive I have seen for great improvement of personal performance and productivity."
V.F., Advanced Cardiovascular

"This course is very useful to help non-native speakers build their self-confidence to speak with clients."
M.Y., KLA-Tencor

"This will help me on my job tremendously! I feel I can bring out the best part of me!"
T.T., Adobe