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Intensive Pronunciation Workshop


Reduce errors in pronunciation and speak more clearly. This fast-paced workshop provides an intensive overview of the trouble spots of American pronunciation.


  • Identify and practice the sounds most frequently mispronounced by non-native speakers
  • Control rate of speech
  • Use native speakers' vowel length, word stress, and rhythm patterns
  • Expand jaw movement to enunciate clearly
  • Manipulate voicing and pitch to imitate American sounds
  • Pronounce words, names, and phrases more distinctly
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Learn techniques for continued self-improvement



Group, paired, and individual exercises; practice with Intensive Pronunciation workbook and audio materials



4 - 12 participants


Scheduling Options

2-day workshop or four half-day sessions



LinguaTec Intensive Pronunciation workbook and audio material


What You Learn

Sound Production

  • Practice vowel sounds and vowel length for better volume and clarity
  • Articulate consonant sounds to improve diction
  • Brainstorm high-frequency workplace vocabulary to practice the sounds covered in the workshop
  • Pronounce word endings that have grammatical significance to listeners
  • Target areas of particular difficulty for individual review and practice

Word Stress, Rhythm, Intonation and Linking

  • Become aware of the underlying rhythm of American English
  • Identify and reproduce word, phrase, and sentence stress
  • Practice a range of common intonation patterns, from basic statements and questions to more emphatic speech
  • Apply rules for linking words to create smoother-sounding statements and questions




What Others Say

"The way the class was organized was helpful. Now, at work, I can see when people don't understand me. I am more aware of what I can do to change my pronunciation to help people understand me better."
A. D., Verity

"This course was effective to learn a difficult part of English pronunciation in a very short time. I'm going to use the materials repeatedly."
H. K., Adobe Systems

"The workshop was well organized and the instructor very skillful in identifying problem areas and employing techniques to improve clarity of pronunciation by the students."
R. M., U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development