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Clear Business Writing


Develop skills to write clear, concise, and well organized e-mail, reports, and technical documentation.


  • Base writing on clear objectives to achieve the intended results
  • Attract and hold the reader's attention by getting to the point quickly
  • Organize ideas to create the greatest impact
  • Make sure the message is concise and easy to read
  • Adopt a direct, positive style that encourages the reader to respond
  • Edit writing for common grammatical errors


Evaluation of participantsí writing samples; work-related writing assignments; in-class exercises and group discussion; error analysis and writing critiques


4 - 12 participants


1-day workshop
Follow up coaching at a special rate can be arranged.


LinguaTec Clear Business Writing training manual

What You Learn


  • Define the essentials of good business writing
  • Follow a step-by-step planning process to keep writing on track
  • Target the message by analyzing the audience and defining the objective


  • Get to the point
  • Include the three key elements of effective introductions
  • Structure paragraphs with clear topic sentences and meaningful transitions
  • Format for readability with headlines and bullets

Style and Structure

  • Edit for conciseness
  • Choose words that are direct, positive, tactful, and persuasive
  • Recognize and correct common trouble spots in grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation


What Others Say

"I highly recommend LinguaTec's Clear Writing class. It is targeted just right for foreign-born engineers who are fluent in English, but who need to sharpen their writing skills."
Q.J., Adobe Systems

"This class was very helpful in terms of teaching me how to organize my writing. I have seen progress in my writing at work."
J.C., Decision Focus

"This is one of the best English writing classes. Every non-native professional should take this class. I strongly recommend it."
B.L., U.S. Postal Service

"This was a very good class and structured well for engineers. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the trainer, and the small class size made it easier to get feedback."
U.D., Intel