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Individual Accent Improvement


Gain increased accuracy and confidence in your ability to speak English clearly and accurately through extensive practice in the individual sounds, syllable stress, and rhythm of American English.


  • Pronounce American vowel and consonant sounds accurately
  • Sharpen the ability to hear and reproduce accurate stress patterns
  • Produce more native-like rhythm patterns
  • Increase breath and vowel length to slow the rate of speech and make the message clearer
  • Use intonation to emphasize ideas and make clear distinctions between statements and questions
  • Increase confidence in speaking American English
  • Acquire techniques for self-correction and on-going improvement


Pre- and post-assessment, individual instruction, focused practice and feedback




10 hours of private sessions scheduled at your convenience.


LinguaTec Accent Improvement training manual and audio material

What You Learn


  • Identify individual pronunciation errors with a pre-assessment
  • Develop the ability to discriminate sounds
  • Speak more clearly with more accurate sound production
  • Correctly pronounce high frequency words in the work environment
  • Develop techniques for self monitoring and correction

Rhythm and Linking

  • Practice the rhythm of American English to emphasize important words
  • Apply rules for linking words to create smoother-sounding statements and questions

Intonation and Stress

  • Stress the correct syllables of words to make them easily understandable
  • Change intonation to communicate different messages and attitudes
  • Show the relationships between ideas more effectively by using intonation


  • Learn how vowels and consonants are reduced in informal speech
  • Improve listening comprehension of reduced speech





What Others Say

"There has been a remarkable improvement in Dave's communication. He projects his voice more, speaks more clearly and with new confidence. There seemed to be an almost 'overnight' change with Dave."
H.L. C., Manager, Chevron

"This is the best course I've had in ESL and I've had six or seven. The manual was excellent."
G. I., Larse Corp.