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Individual Say What You Mean


Express yourself more clearly and more dynamically when making proposals, exchanging ideas, giving feedback and talking about accomplishments.


  • Use an efficient step-by-step framework to express ideas so that your speech is clear and focused
  • Include phrases that clarify your meaning and prepare the listener for your ideas
  • Support ideas with concise and convincing information
  • Encourage productive discussions by responding positively and tactfully to others


Brainstorming, discussions, role plays, and impromptu speaking exercises




8 hours of private sessions scheduled at your convenience.


LinguaTec Say What You Mean training manual

What You Learn

Presenting Information

  • Analyze how ideas are presented by speakers in a variety of workplace situations
  • Organize thoughts to maximize effectiveness
  • Use the appropriate amount of detail and background information to support main ideas
  • Establish credibility and increase persuasiveness

Relating to Others

  • Use appropriate phrases to convey your intent and connect with your listeners
  • Demonstrate active listening by responding appropriately to others



What Others Say

"This class is very helpful. I learned lots of new methods to organize and present ideas. It also expanded my knowledge to express ideas more effectively."
J.T., Yahoo

"It is one of the best communication related courses I have attended. This particular training gave me great ideas on how to structure what I want to say and also gave me tips on how to sell myself."
S.G., Synopsys

"This program is very effective in enhancing communication skills."
C.C., Adaptec