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We recommend the books listed below for people who are interested in improving their writing skills.


Rules of Thumb for Business Writers by Diana Roberts Wienbroer, Elaine Hughes, and Jay Silverman, McGraw Hill, 2005

As the title suggests, this book provides rules and ideas to help with the writing process, usage, and punctuation. It also has lots of examples, which help illustrate points.



Grammar Troublespots, Second Edition, by Ann Raimes, St. Martin's Press

As the title implies, this book identifies twenty-one grammar points that are problematic for non-native speakers. It presents the correct structure and any applicable rules for each grammar point. There are several exercises for each troublespot and an answer key for the exercises. Grammar Trouble spots also includes helpful learning aids such as tables which present reference material and flow charts that take the reader through various editing processes.



The Handbook of Technical Writing, by C. T. Brusaw et al., Fourth Edition, St Martin's Press

Designed as a reference for native speakers of English, this handbook provides the user with several ways of accessing useful information. The book is organized alphabetically, so you can quickly look up words to learn about their meaning and usage. Grammatical terms are defined or explained and examples are provided. You can also refer to the Checklist of the Writing Process and the Topical Key to the Alphabetical Entries. You can use these lists when you want to improve your writing, grammatical usage or word choice.