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The resources listed below are helpful if you are motivated to improve your pronunciation of American English. Both the software and the texts allow you to work at your own pace.




Pronunciation Power by English Computerized Learning, 2002.

This interactive software program provides clear instruction for pronouncing the consonants, vowels, word stress, rhythm and intonation of American English. In addition, there are exercises for the user to develop listening discrimination skills and to practice pronouncing sounds, words, and sentences by mirroring the speech of a model who is a native speaker.





Clear Speech by Judy Gilbert, Cambridge University Press, 1984.

This book and tape set focuses on the essential patterns of American English, including stress patterns, intonation, division of speech into thought groups, listening accuracy, and critical sounds. It is a concise overview of common troublespots.




Well Said: Advanced English Pronunciation by Linda Grant, Heinle and Heinle Publishers, 1993

This program covers American pronunciation and speech patterns thoroughly. The well-selected vocabulary and varied exercises make the lessons interesting to the adult learner.