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If you are interested in developing your vocabulary and range of expression, these resources can help.'s Word of the Day is a great way to build your vocabulary day by day.



Language Activator, Longman, 2003

The Activator presents words in groups based on shared meaning. For example, the key word accept is the key word for a group that includes accept, take, say yes, agree, take someone up on their offer, and jump at the chance.

Flip Dictionary
, Writer's Digest Books, 2000

A resource to help you when you know what you want to say but can't think of the word. Using the Flip Dictionary, you begin with the meaning, which you already know, and find words to express your idea.



Distinguishing Words, Peason Ed., 2003

This text presents words in synonym groups and provides definitions for each word. Having learned how to distinguish the words using the definitions, you can reinforce your learning by completing the activities that follow the definitions. This book is great for self-paced learning.